We are a manufacturing company that specializes in aftermarket Aluminium Windows for the Automotive Trade.

Our Products


Normal Section / Rubber Fit
Radius (Round) Corners
Black Frame
Single Sliders
Clear Glass


  • Plant On / Pop Rivet
  • Radius (Round) Corners
  • Black Frame
  • Pop Up / Gasstay

Description Size: Gull Wing / Pop Up

(Height * Length): 426*1056 (Standard Size)

Convenience at its best, while you driving slide open the window for ventilation should you transport animals or people and while parked next to the river on your fishing trip close the window and open your Gull Wing for easy access to the back of your vehicle.

  • Gull Wing with Tread Plate
  • Gull Wing with Smooth Alum Sheet
  • Gull Wing with Glass

Gull Wing Windows includes all Hardware.

*Customize your Gull Wing Window by sending us your sizes.

Our Gull Wing Windows are designed and manufactured for your convenience and hassle free fitment.

Toyota Land Rover 100 Gull Wing


Alwin offers a big range of Cab Sliding Windows for the Vehicle as well as for the Canopy the range includes Single Sliders, Double Sliders, Flat and Curve glass available depending on the make and model of the LDV.

  • Chana Cab Slider Clear
  • Daihatsu Grand Max Cab Slider Clear
  • Hyundai Cab Slider Clear
  • Hyundai 2004 Cab Slider Clear
  • N/S 1400 Cab Slider Clear (High Roof)
  • N/S Bantam ’94 Cab Slider Clear (Rustler)
  • Fiat Strada ’05 Cab Slider Clear
  • Geely Cab Slider Clear
  • Golf Caddy Cab Slider Clear
  • Hilux Cab Slider Clear
  • Hilux Raider Cab Slider Clear
  • ’89 Isuzu Cab Slider Clear
  • Colt Cab Slider Clear
  • Courier Cab Slider Clear
  • Gwm/Gonow (’89 Isuzu) Cab Slider Clear
  • Ranger Cab Slider (Bt50) Clear
  • Nissan 1 Tonner Cab Slider (Np300) Clear
  • Tata Cab Slider Clear
  • ’89 Isuzu D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Colt D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Hilux 2005 D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Hilux Srx D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Hilux Raider D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Ranger D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Tata Xenon D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Tata D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • O/S Nissan Cab Slider Clear
  • O/S Isuzu Cab Slider Clear
  • Kia ’07 Cab Slider Clear
  • Husky L300 Cab Slider Clear
  • Mahindra Bolero Cab Slider
  • Mahindra Bolero New Cab Slider Clear
  • Mahindra Scorpio Cab Slider Clear
  • N/S Cortina Cab Slider Clear
  • N/S Stallion Cab Slider Clear
  • N/S Landcruiser 2015 Double Slider Clear
  • O/S 1400 Cab Slider Clear (Low Roof)
  • O/C Bantam Cab Slider Clear
  • O/C Cortina Cab Slider Clear
  • O/S Hilux Cab Slider Clear
  • O/S Stallion Cab Slider Clear
  • O/S Landcruiser Cab Slider Clear (Fj45)
  • Proton Cab Slider Clear
  • Isuzu 2004 D/Slider Cab Slider Clear
  • Isuzu 2013 D/Slider Cab Slider Clear (Rt50)
  • Corsa Viva / Chevy Montana Cab Slider Clear
  • Hilux 2005 Cab Slider Clear
  • Isuzu 2004 Cab Slider Clear
  • Isuzu 2013 Cab Slider Clear (Rt50)
  • Np200 Cab Slider Clear
  • VW Amarok Curved S/Slider Cab Slider Tint
  • Bantam 2002 Curved S/Slider Cab Slider (Boet Bantam)
  • Corsa 2008 S/Slider Cab Slider (Corsa Gama)
  • Ford T6 2012 Cab Slider Clear
  • Nissan Navara 2005 S/Slider Cab Slider
  • VW Amarok Curved D/Slider Cab Slider Tint
  • Nissan Navara 2005 D/Slider Cab Slider


Alwin Canopy Windows offers customers the Choice of Specialised Windows to meet the unique requirements of individuals and companies, with our in-house designs and manufacturing abilities. Specialised windows include – Safari, Staff Transport Vehicles, Mobile Clinic, Mobile Office, Boats, Trailers, Horse Boxes, Campers, Guard Huts, Mining Industry, Machinery and much more.

Please take note of the following when ordering your customised windows:

In order for us to provide you with the customised windows you desire we need all the specifications to meet your requirements (Please see the easy to complete Special Window Information Sheet) for your convenience.

We would also need Drawings / Samples or Templates. It is also very important to inform us if the sizes is the Window or Hole size. Should you need additional information regarding any specialised windows, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for any assistance.


We respect and consider all the individual needs for the Canopy Industry and therefore supply a wide variety of Canopy Windows according to the
specifications of the Canopy manufacturer.

A variety of options are available such as – Single Sliders, Double Sliders, and Drop Sliders.

We supply windows for the following Canopy Manufactures Fibreglass, and Steel and Canopies:-

  • Andy Cab Canopies
  • African Canopies / Mogale Canopies
  • Aero Canopies
  • Beekman Canopies – Selected windows
  • Canopy King
  • Canopy Workshop
  • Canopy Hoek / Club Canopies
  • Crestrider Canopies
  • Cabworld
  • Executive Canopies / Canopy Pro
  • Gauteng Canopies
  • Getec
  • Kango Canopies
  • Roamer Rand Canopies
  • SA Canopies
  • Skytop Canopies

We manufacture Rubber Fit as well as Stick On / Bond On Canopy Windows.

Send us a picture or drawing with the measurements in Height and Length of your window and specify the Canopy Manufacturer, and our trained staff can easily identify the windows you need.

We also supply a wide range of Aluminium Canopy Manufactures throughout South Africa, with each company’s special needs, you can obtain information from our sales team regarding various window options.


Alwin Canopy Windows manufactures a variety of Full Frame, Half Frame and Bonded windows to meet the fast growing and demand of the automotive Minibus

Conversion and Luxury Bus Windows.

Our Product List includes the Following:

Rubber Fit Minibus Windows:

  • Iveco 15 LWB
  • Sprinter Old Spec SWB (308)
  • Sprinter New Spec SWB (309)
  • Sprinter Old Spec LWB (416)
  • Sprinter New Spec LWB (518)
  • VW Crafter SWB
  • VW Crafter LWB

Bond On Minibus Windows:

  • Iveco LWB
  • Ford Transit
  • Toyota Quantum
  • Nissan NV200 SWB
  • Nissan NV350 LWB
  • Sprinter LWB (519)
  • VW Crafter LWB


Alwin Canopy Windows manufactures a range of Rear Doors; the door has a double curve to fit the shape of the canopy perfectly. The door is supplied as a complete item but all the components inside and outside, is individually available to purchase, see Division 8 for further reference to all the components.


Alwin offers a wide variety of Hardware for the automotive industry. All the components used to manufacture our products can be supplied. Information of additional hardware or accessories not reflecting can be obtained by our sales team.